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Money Transfer

                                                                  Instant Money Transfer

This is an INSTANT money transfer service to any bank in India. The money can be transferred to any Bank Account 24x7 by customers who do not have a Bank Account of their own. (Due to lack of identity documentation as mandatorily required by Bank for KYC). 

Now instantly transfer funds from your Oxigen wallet to any bank account using MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) or simple beneficiary bank account number with IFSC (Indian Financial System Code). 

VLE may use this Service to create wallet for their own as well as for citizens/customers. 

VLEs will earn good commission i.e. 0.80% of the amount transferred from their VLE wallet to Oxigen Wallet, so go ahead and use this service to create more and more Oxigen Wallets.

-Oxigen Wallet is NOT meant for VLEs, it is meant only for Citizens.
-VLE should take 1.5% as surcharge for Oxigen Wallet top amount from the customer.
-His wallet will be deducted from Oxigen Wallet top up amount + 0.7% of amount.
-If OXI top up amount is Rs 1000, VLE will take upto Rs 1015 from the customer and VLE wallet will be
  deducted for Rs 1007 after oxitop up.