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Intelligent traffic management system

Gujarat is in the forefront of economic development and industrialization. Besides being a major manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Chemicals and textile etc. Gujarat also has huge resources of petroleum deposits with it and is a major producer of petrochemicals too. Gujarat caters to a vast hinterland, which constitutes 35% of India’s exports. In today’s scenario Gujarat has made up plans to become one of the major players in the global IT sector too.

India’s first intelligent traffic management system has been made operational on Ahmedabad’s 132-ft ring road from today. Ten camera-based traffic censors under this Japanese technology based system relay the details of traffic flow, speed, density to a cloud-based traffic control centre on the basis of which four large 7×3 metres LED screens will pass on information on road jams, construction work or other hurdles to road users about 200 metres prior to traffic light so that they can take decision on selection of road. Same information will be available on smart phones through real time traffic update. Traffic police will update the details for display on each LED screen through tablets assigned to them. The system has been funded by Japan International Corporation Agency(JICA).


AMC had in its current financial year budget mentioned Rs. 17.20 crore ‘Area traffic control system(ATCS)’ project in cooperation with DIMS. As per the details of proposal, 186 traffic signals are to be connected to the main control room under this project. The new traffic signals will function automatically through vehicle density camera detectors. In phase-1, as many as 84 traffic signals are to be activated while in phase-2, total 186 traffic signals will be equipped to do video based vehicle detection through cameras at a cost of Rs. 9.58 crore. Japanese company Zero-sum wireless solutions has planned Rs. 5.52 crore Intelligence Transport System(ITS). LED screens will be installed on Vasna APMC-Shivranjani-Judges Bungalow road through 10 traffic censors and tablet computing devices to show traffic information to public. There will be no financial burden on AMC while implementation the project. On the contrary AMC will earn Rs. 5 lakh through advertisement rights.