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Smart Village

SmartVillages is a community based initiative of Samanvay.Com Welfare Society, primarily aimed to harness the benefits of information technology for the rural folks. The initiative is a community effort to mobilize the collective strengths of people from various streams and integrate it with information technology to provide benefits to the rural community.

What is SMART Village? 
The concept of SMART Village is as defined below:


Social, Skilled and Simple


Zero Tolerance for Caste and Creed or better no caste & creed and no discrimination on Gender and Religion Everyone is Literate and skilled Simple living and high thinking


Moral, Methodical and Modern


Moral values of Gandhiji, Swami Vivekananda etc Methodical using Total Literacy and latest techniques Modern like cities


Aware, Adaptive and Adjusting


Highest level of awareness on global social & economic issues Adaptive and adjusting to fast changing environments


Responsive and Ready


Responsive to collective wisdom, cooperative movement & larger social issues Ready to generate own resources for self-sufficiency and self-reliance


Techno-Savvy and Transparent


Techno-savvy for IT and Mobile usage Transparent in harmonic relations and delivery of services