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LED Lamp Project


First LED Village Project of Gujarat

Gujarat Energy Development Agency has implemented LED village project at

Village Amrapura, Taluka Mansa District: Gandhinagar as the first LED Village

Demonstration Project in Gujarat. Project was jointly funded by BEE.

About Amarpura

Amrapura is Samras Village (the Sarpanch is unanimously elected by the village), Nirmal Village and also known as Gokulgram Village. Total population of the village is approximately 1550 and there are about 285 households. Community of landlords, farm workers, potters, etc. reside in the village. The objective of the project is to convert entire electrified village to LED lighting for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Scope of the Project

 Replacement of conventional lighting devices in all the households and all

street lights with LED lamps of adequate ratings.

 Conventional Lights Replaced – 60/100 watt bulbs and 40W FTLs

 No. of households – 285 nos.

 No. of Community Places – 9 (Community Hall, temple, majjid, Milk

Cooperative, Panchayat Office, Water Works, Anganwadi, Nandi Ghar,

and Telibiya Mandali)

 No. of LED Bulbs (9W rating) – 1000 nos.

 No. of LED Tubelights (14W rating) – 350 nos.

 No. of LED Street Lights (18W rating) – 55 nos.

Outcome of the Project

The project was executed at a total cost of Rs: 25 lakhs and the estimated

annual saving of electricity is 1.56 units of electricity equivalent to Rs. 8.00 lakhs

per year approximately. In simple terms the project payback period will be a

little more than 3 years and the life of the LED lamps is estimated at 50000